Paul and Marcie Boudro were living in a single-family ranch in Cascade with their
toddler Dax when they came across a property for sale online. While they weren’t
ready for a move yet, they enjoyed looking at pictures of other houses. They loved
their home but longed to eventually have a bigger yard, more space, and to be a little
closer to family that lived in the area.

They both thought the exterior of the home for sale online was beautiful and figured
it would be fun to go to the Open House. When they arrived at the property, they
never imagined that they were about to walk into the home of their dreams!
Room after room was exactly what they’d pictured in their future home, including a
spacious, open floor plan and huge kitchen island. Best of all, it had a large yard for
their son and it was right around the corner from friends and family.

“It was perfect!” exclaims Marcie. “We decided then and there that we wanted to sell
our home and move sooner than we’d anticipated. Our hearts were set on it.”
The Boudros worked with Brooke to sell their current home. “Brooke kicked it into
high gear and worked day and night for us,” says Marcie. “She knew we had to sell
our home quickly, and for a certain amount, in order to buy our dream home. She
worked hard and got us what we needed.”

As much as the Boudros appreciated the expertise and insight Brooke provided,
they found her personal touch to be just as important. “Brooke genuinely cares
about her clients,” Marcie says. “She’s not just there to buy or sell a house. She’s
invested in your life.”