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Meet Shelly

Shelly Goschka, Client Care Specialist

Shelly is a true people-person, who’s passionate about working with and helping others. She works tirelessly to ensure that clients have a personalized experience as they pursue buying or selling a home with Brooke Marie Collective.

With a background as an entrepreneur and restaurant management, Shelly built her 18-year career on providing people with a high level of care and service. She strongly believes in the importance of serving others and, as the Client Care Specialist of the Brooke Marie Collective, she works hard to ensure that every client knows they matter. She believes every client deserves to have an exceptional experience as they navigate the complex process of buying or selling a home.

Shelly’s a Michigan native and graduate of Central Michigan University (Fire Up, Chips!). In addition to working for Brooke Marie Collective, she hosts exchange students from all over the world for about six months each year. Shelly has a passion for traveling, experiencing new cultures, and trying new food. She especially loves sunset dinners on the beach, visiting the Florida Keys, and going to concerts with her significant other.

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