Richard Besel and Jamie Pullen made the move all the way from California to Grand Rapids, with their 12-year old son, Miles, for Richard’s new job with GVSU. When they did, they knew they’d need two things in a home that they hadn’t needed before: a guest room for visitors from the west coast and a nursery for their new baby scheduled to arrive in February 2020!

They flew to Grand Rapids and had one weekend – just 3 days! – to find a place to call home. “Brooke and her team blocked out the entire three days for us,” explains Jamie. “We had very little time to find the perfect place and needed to make an offer before going home. We were impressed that she was so devoted to making sure we had a successful trip.”

As you might imagine, trying to find a new home in such a short timeframe can be stressful. “Brooke advised us to stay positive and know we would find the perfect home, which we did at our last showing on our last day in town,” says Jamie.

Less than two hours after they saw the house they wanted to call home, Brooke had written an offer and it was in the seller’s hands. Even after they returned to California, they found Brooke and her team incredibly helpful. “Brooke was always available when we needed to call her, which was usually after work hours since we were on Pacific Time.”

The couple purchased the house and are now happily settled in Grand Rapids. “We love the fire pit out back of our new home, our beautiful neighborhood, and the proximity to Lake Michigan,” says Jamie.

For others looking for a home in the area, Jamie offers this advice: “Trust Brooke! She’s got you covered.”

The entire Brooke Marie Collective team is happy to have played a role in helping the couple move across the country and quickly find a home for their growing family. We truly believe that every move has a story and we’re grateful that Richard and Jamie trusted us to be a part of theirs. We are so happy to have them in Michigan!

We love helping clients and if you know anyone like Richard and Jamie, with a growing family or making a cross-country move, we’d be honored to help find the West Michigan home that’s right for them.