Stacey Sloan, and her two daughters, loved their vintage home in Spring Lake. The cute cottage style home had a lovely
sun-room, great deck, and lake views. She’d invested years in fixing it up and creating
a home she loved by adding new floors, an outdoor patio and fire pit, and so much

But when Stacey added a husband and two pre-teen boys, who spent a lot of time in
Spring Lake, to the mix, the 2-bedroom home was a tight fit.

When Stacey decided that more space was in order, her initial thought was to sell
her home For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Since she had three potential buyers before
she even put it on the market, it seemed like a great idea.

One of the potential buyers made Stacey an offer. She was surprised that it was
much lower than she’d expected and wanted. Stacey decided to forgo FSBO, tap into
Brooke’s expertise, and hired her to sell.

“Brooke walked me through the entire process,” says Stacey. “I made thousands
more by listing with Brooke than I would’ve on my own!”

The biggest irony: The final buyer was the same person who gave her the initial WAY too-
low offer. “He gave me a very low offer before my house was on the market. After I
listed it with Brooke, he came through as one of the highest bidders!”

Selling her beloved home was a bittersweet decision but Stacey hasn’t regretted it.
“It was a really good decision. Not only that, but the big check I got after selling my
home with Brooke has allowed me to invest more with my current home and in
other areas of my life. I couldn’t be happier!”