Clients like James and Sarah are the reason why my career doesn’t feel like work. The Niemiecs were referred to us and were first time home buyers. I knew they were going to an absolute blast to work with upon meeting them! They were looking to move out of their adorable apartment and into their very first home. We started the home buying process towards the end of 2019. I had stopped by their place to go over the whole buying process and made sure they understood it all. Sarah made us a fabulous Joanna Gaines beef stew dinner to enjoy while discussing everything! Once we established the criteria, the home search began! It did not take long for the couple to find their home. In fact, it was the second one we looked at. It had checked all their boxes! 

We had submitted their offer, and BAM, it was theirs! It was totally meant to be! To be honest, the three of us had enjoyed the search so much that we were a bit sad to be done. We closed on their home on New Years Day, and as we should expect, Michigan decided to dump about two feet of snow on us. Luckily for James and Sarah, the home came with a brand new snowblower as a part of the deal. Convenient, right?! After closing, we ran over to the home and the first thing James had to do was snow blow the drive so we could get in. It was no secret he took pride in snow blowing his brand new home! Sarah and I watched from the kitchen and had quite a laugh together! 

Buying a home can be overwhelming and we deeply care about YOUR story! We understand that it is a journey and are honored to help guide first-time homebuyers and lifelong clients alike through the process. The Niemiecs are hilarious and were such a fun couple to work with! I knew they would become great friends of mine! Thank you for placing your trust in me! I hope you are absolutely LOVING your new home!