At Brooke Slocum Properties, it’s the people and their stories that are most important to us! Let us introduce you to Jamie and Genevieve. Here is their story:

When Jamie and Genevieve Boyle found out they were having a second child, they decided more space was soon going to be needed for their growing family. They already had a two-year-old son, Matthew, and it was time for a home of their own to raise their children in and be near family.

“We’d lived in Chicago for several years, and we were renting a condo there in a great part of the city. We loved our life in Chicago, and we really took advantage of so many of the great things the city offered.

In making this move, we were closing one chapter of our lives and beginning a new one. It was de nitely bittersweet. But it also felt right. We wanted to live in a more affordable area, one that was family friendly, and we wanted our kids to grow up with their cousins… Those things all led us to Grand Rapids to buy our rst home!”

Moving to a new city and purchasing a home for the first time can be exciting, yet over whelming and exhausting, which is why it was extremely important for the Boyles to land the right realtor. And they found just that with Brooke Slocum.

“Brooke, without a doubt, had our best interest at heart. She worked overtime for us, and we completely trusted her, which was critical, as we were living out of state while looking for a home. After getting to know us, Brooke had a very good sense of what we wanted, and she worked hard to make sure we ended up in a home we loved. Going in, our biggest expectation of Brooke was good communication, and she certainly exceeded our expectations in that and all other areas.”

Having a realtor that worked for them and was someone they could trust made the buying experience a good one. Looking at the different homes the area had to offer was enjoyable, making the time and energy they put into it well worth it!

Just two months after the Boyles moved to Grand Rapids, they welcomed home their second son, Patrick.

“It was so very special to bring him home to this house, and it is a good feeling to now be raising our two little boys under this roof. Jamie is also now working from home, which was a change for us, a good one. We are living a very different life than we were living a year ago, but we are so happy in it. We are settled into our house, and more and more, we are making it our home. We are also becoming more and more a part of the wonderful community in which we live. We have already made some wonderful memories here, and we know there are many more to come.

This is our home, and this is where we belong.”