At Brooke Slocum Properties, it’s the people and their stories that are most important to us! Let us introduce you to Nicole Price. Here is her story:

There are many milestones in life to look forward to and take pride in. And for Nicole Price, owning a home was one of these milestones. Being a single mom of two kids and never owning her own home alone was a priority for Nicole and her children.

“My daughter would be graduating high school soon and I especially wanted to have a home to be able to have a graduation party at. A room of her own. A lawn for me to mow and a garden to grow flowers and plants.”

In order to achieve this goal, Nicole would need to put in a lot of dedication and hard work. By proudly working both a full and part time job, she was able to purchase her own home in April of 2018!

“My life has changed so much since. I am a part of a community. I look forward to mowing the lawn, gardening and even those little home repairs. I’ve created a home gym in my basement where I spend a lot of time. I am looking to work from home as well in the next year, and can’t wait to make a home office.”

“This is something I would never have been able to do until now. I love going to craft stores now instead of shopping for clothes. I enjoy having the ability to have family over for coffee or dinner, and I am in the works of planning my daughter’s graduation party that will take place in June.”

Like all major steps in life, Nicole decided to use an expert in the field to help her find her new home. That’s when she called Brooke.

“Brooke was more than knowledgeable when it came to the process. She also was very educated about inspections. Brooke and her team at Treadstone were very helpful in explaining everything and keeping me up to date. I have already suggested Brooke to others and will continue to do so. Being a homeowner has made me a better, happier me!”

Congratulations to Nicole on her hard work and determination to reach her goal! We know she and her children will enjoy their new home for years to come.